Old chestnut, Overheating Hijets.

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Old chestnut, Overheating Hijets.

Post by pww on Wed Nov 28, 2012 10:19 pm

Have read every thread, link, rumour, etc. re. our cherished wagons regarding overheating.
Just to muddy the water even more.......... read all about air locks and heater matrix and related stuff. Anyway, thought my thermostat was naff cos it would go to nearly boiling before the heater kicked in, then it would settle down and behave. BUT last time I topped up the water I started squeezing hoses while filling from the rad with the expansion tank cap OFF (read a great thread somewhere about this) and Eurika! or was it Ulrika?, anyway after lots of squeezing hoses and watching minute bubbles appear at the expansion/reserve/thing under-the-seat tank for AGES (must have been lots of air in there) the van is transformed. It now does not get near halfway on the guage!!! Surely there is an award for this somewhere?
Point is, air-locks seem to play havoc with the Hijet plumbing so before deciding on what might be wrong (head gasket, thermostat, etc.) try to get the bubbles out.

P.S. The heater is Soooooooo much better now!



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Re: Old chestnut, Overheating Hijets.

Post by elfin girl on Wed Nov 28, 2012 11:43 pm

i used to get a lot air out by squeezing pipes, untill i unblocked the little pipes and did the head gasket, first run it purged the air out into expansion tank and not had any airlock problems since - thank goodness!! (i do still sleep with my fingers crossed tho!)
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