Camshaft Sensor Problem --It isn't.

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Camshaft Sensor Problem --It isn't.

Post by Guest on Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:29 pm

Got underneath my troublesome 02 Pick-up this morning to check out what the resistance reading in ohm's was
of the Cam sensor. HJ reckoned that from memory it should read around 220ohm's so he is pretty much on the mark there. The three sensors that have been on there I checked out a couple of days ago and they read between 184 and 196 so should give spark and life to the fuel pump.

The one that is on there now and has been running fine for 2 weeks untill it refused to start last Monday is reading 198ohms.
Put some extra winter woollies on and went under the other five Hi-Jets I've got at home (and all running) all read between 189 and 204 ohms so it obviously isn't the sensor after all. Has got to be a poor connection somewhere or broken wire giving this intermittant fault.

Looks like winter woolies on again in the morning and a scalpel to dissect the loom. Oh what fun --- or should that be ohm what fun ?? affraid


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