Tyres for the 4x4

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Tyres for the 4x4

Post by El_Ventu on Sun May 26, 2013 12:58 pm

My old Pirelli Citynet, similar to the Pirelli P1000, are over.

I'm searching for tyres in 155R12C size, but with a "car style" tread, and not "van style".
I have problems with too "linear" tyre when I run on 4x4 on paved road, for example when I must use the LO gear to go very slowly, on all the corners, because one tire have to drag on the pavement due the lack of central diff.

With "knobbly" tyres the tread can bend to allow wheel to slip slightly, with linear one (like the Pirelli that I have now) not...and the transmission is not happy, and it makes him feel with some nice noises... No
For example, I think for my issue, the Kumho/Marshall 857 are better than the Nankang CW25 because of the axial "cuts" on the tread, that allows it to bend.
Also the GT RADIAL MAXMILER and the Falken R51 has this characteristic.
Anyone knows other tires with this charachteristic?


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