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Post by Guest on Tue Jun 18, 2013 9:58 pm

Well I spent an hour or two today looking for my Staked Propshaft Joint Replacement Tool. Bingo --- eventually. Its a bit dusty and rusty but will clean up well. 
I am going to tomorrow  see if my old supplier can get the joints for me. I will dismantle a prop tomorrow and measure the cross size and cup size and hopefully be able to get the joints. If so then we are up and running. 
I will be able to offer a Staked Joint Replacement Service for one and all. Even if the yoke has been damaged a little by the cross going through the cup
I can weld the damage and then ream the cup hole out. 

I will be a bit rusty myself at first and havent got scrap props to practise on  but I should find a few in the scrap yards over here or ask on Wightbay.


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