Woodys Chop Shop.

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Woodys Chop Shop.

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:13 pm

Hi Rich. I have finally managed to start disembowelling the "S" Reg 1000. Have bought a few 9" Metal Cutting Blades and will attack it shortly as I have no more room at the yard to store any more vehicles. As it is I have 9 stored in various other places and one of my friends is beginning to get a bit tetchy about the two at his place.
I have been welding up a 250 Suzuki Paper Lace Petrol tank over the weekend and when I have finished it will send you the before, during and after
photographs. It had been stored a few years and had rusted in both back corners of the tank and if you will pardon the pun " tested me to the Mettle "

The owner is amazed and delighted at it, as no one he asked could or would have a go at it, though I dont think he will be quite so delighted when I give him the bill !! Though he did say he couldn't get one anywhere and if a new one was availiable it would be nearly £400. Rolling Eyes Even if I charged him £100  
he has a bargain and his pride and joy back on the road. Give you a progress report on the panels later in the week Rich.


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Re: Woodys Chop Shop.

Post by rich the mechanic on Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:54 pm

Ta I would have been welding my tank but ran out of wire but I'll be able to do a bit of gringing on some of the harder to reach bits in just over a week then I can attack it again, so today the van got a little spruce up inside pics to folllow.
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