I think we might have turned a corner??...........

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I think we might have turned a corner??...........

Post by Dolly-the-Daihatsu on Sat Sep 07, 2013 10:16 pm

Hello again everyone!
Since owning Dolly she hasn't been the most co-operative of cars, but (fingers crossed) I think we may have finally turned a corner!! :-)
She needed some work to get her through her mot when I first got her and although it wasn't straight forward or cheap we got there in the end! A couple of days later the battery kept going flat (although I did leave my lights on one morning!) After a few days having to charge the battery each night just to be able to get work (and home again!!) And a VERY scary moment when driving home from the horses in the dark when battery was so low all my lights died and my phone battery was flat so couldnt ring anyone!!
I finally got to town to check it out and it was the alternator! So a bit of searching about and in stepped Highlyjetted and yey! an alternator! So off she goes to my friend 'dr steve' (again!) and he finds the fan belt is gone too!! At this point I'm started to get a bit fed up! Anyway new fan belt and alternator on and shes off again! Thanks again highlyjetted! So all sorted, no probs off I go into town to do a bit of shopping, pull up in car park and what happens?? My key snaps in the ignition!!!! Ggggggrrrrrrr.........
Cutting a long story short I'm driving her on half a key and locking/unlocking her with my spare!!!!
She has had a nice wash today and a bit of back to black she looks all sparkly and smart now........ :-)


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Re: I think we might have turned a corner??...........

Post by Logi on Fri Sep 20, 2013 7:37 pm

Turning corners in a Hijet? Always scary lol!
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