Newbie saying hello

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Newbie saying hello

Post by derekmwalshaw on Sun Sep 08, 2013 11:45 am

Hi all. Just found this site today. Just seen the w/e bash 7/8september. All those going enjoy your self.

Name is Derek as in my user name.  Live in South Yorks. With a very handy Hi-Jet breakers not far away from me in Dewsbury nr the Rugby League ground.

I have a 1997 Hi-Jet 1L Bus version with 6 seats. These are taken out and is used as a van. Was going to convert to a Camper. But told by my Ins Co. Dial Direct they don't insure campers. Even putting in a rock/roll bed with head rests and seat belts would nullify insurance. Which is cheap. Fully Comp with another named driver £32 PM. looking now for a cheap Ins Co who insure Campers.

I needed some new rear brake shoes last month for MOT. So just for a laugh I rang Daihatsu Holmfirth to get a price. I was expecting some stupid price. But not as silly as this, The chap said to me "are you sitting down. They are £236+VAT (£276" total) Shocked 

They even had the cheek to quote £70 fitting Laughing  Got some off ebay £35 posted cheers


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Re: Newbie saying hello

Post by leopard_pagan on Sun Sep 08, 2013 12:38 pm

Was gonna say.. ebay is way cheaper!

welcome to the forum, we have all sorts here..

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Re: Newbie saying hello

Post by Dolly-the-Daihatsu on Sun Sep 08, 2013 9:27 pm

Hello! :-) I'm a newie too :-)
I know what mean about being quoted silly prices! I had a quote for a new load sensor for nearly £200- picked up a second hand one for £65 and still does the job! Then got quoted £390 for a new alternator fitted. Got a second hand one for £25 then my friend fitted it for me for a tenner and a homemade carrot cake!! :-) you gotta shop about!!


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Re: Newbie saying hello

Post by eddie0303 on Mon Sep 09, 2013 12:06 am

Hi Derek and Dolly, First Derek , try a Google search for ,forum . They list a number of insurance companies that will insure self converted camper vans without costing an arm and a leg . But read the information about re registering with DVLA , and the guidance notes .

Hi Dolly , you are not the first to have been shocked at the cost of dealer parts , as I can confirm , and it does seem like a permit to print money . As you may be aware there are a couple of members that can supply parts and also Ebay is always a good source , as well as Amazon .

Best of luck to you both with the vans and rest assured that there is always someone on here to provide you with information or services .

All the best


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Re: Newbie saying hello

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