PayPal issue again -- but a good one !!

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PayPal issue again -- but a good one !!

Post by Guest on Sun Sep 22, 2013 12:02 pm

Well after all the aggro with PayPal this week and the flipping row with them over Five Star and the Dispute issue I have just had a lovely Email from them saying I can now withdraw unlimited funds. Thats very generous of them as its my money in there and now I will draw out the rest of what I couldnt lay
my hands on before and put it in the Bank and keep a couple of quid in there as someone suggested earlier in the week.
I will wherever possible now use Intuit System that I have just got thanks to HJ's Post and use PayPal as little as possible and my Master Card elsewhere for purchases which is paid at the end of each month and doesnt cost any charges then --- I think ??


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