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Post by 20Buzz46 on Wed Nov 06, 2013 4:59 pm

Lots of pictures on Ebay item no: 331059768640

A one time opportunity to buy a unique vehicle. (or return to an original HiJet minibus(boring)) You must watch the video at the end. (click on link)

It's a 993cc 6 seater minibus with twin sunroofs.

I bought this Hijet to take part in a charity drive from St Austell to Rome in September which it completed without a single misfire or overheating problem.

It was originally green and overheated after 10 miles and with the thought of over 3000 miles to drive I set about the transformation.

Firstly was to overhaul the whole cooling system so the head was skimmed and pressure tested and replaced with a new head gasket. The radiator was re-cored, the water pump, thermostat and rad caps were replaced and the system flushed through.

The cambelt was replaced and new spark plugs, oil filter, air filter, oil and coolant.

The MAP sensor was replaced due to a fueling issue and she runs like a dream.

The load sensing valve was replaced for the MOT and that was it.

The bus was professionally resprayed and there is plenty of paint left if the new owner wanted to match the interior paintwork as this is still green.

To make the bus look like a fire engine:

Decals were professionally fitted to make the windows look like fire engine lockers
Ladder bolted to the roof rack
Flashing blue light bar. (working)
Various sirens (working)
Flashing red LED lights on the rear and blue on the front.
A working water monitor which squirts water supplied from a tank in the rear.

If you wished to return the bus back to a standard vehicle, everything can be removed easily to leave it looking like pictures 4,5 without any damage.

Not sure about the legalities of it (lights,sirens) but hey, it was for charity and it always raises a smile.

Use it for kids parties or if you have lots of land you can have your own private Fire Service.

Test drives are welcome if you are serious, not just for a jolly with the kids.
Any questions feel free to call Simon 07791058848
Please bear in mind I have spent a lot of money getting the bus like this so I won't be giving it away.
I raised about £1200 for the charity through sponsorship  and if I get anything over that for the bus I will add that to the fund. (St Lukes Hospice in Plymouth)

Please copy link below into search engine. (trying to sort 1 touch link)

Collection only from Plymouth,


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