where's Woody

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where's Woody

Post by waz on Wed Nov 20, 2013 6:58 pm

Not see Woody post lately, is he ok or buggered of on holiday?

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Re: where's Woody

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 20, 2013 11:54 pm

HOLIDAY ??? WOSSAT ??? I wish that were the case waz. I have been up to my armpits in work.

My workmate Dave has got to go into Hospital on Friday and when he comes out he will be HALF a Eunuch !!! One of his testicles have swollen up to the size of an Orange. Thankfully I cant vouch for that detail but he assures me that is the case.

Consequently we have been working like Trojans to get so many jobs done before the op as he will have to recuperate for 3-4 weeks. 
So when we finish each day I have been at the workshop dismantling, welding, MoT'ing, repairing etc then getting home around 10'ish and sending emails etc, having a quick nose on here now and again to see whats going on and downloading info to two new Phones I recently bought that both have Dual Sim Cards so instead of carrying 5 phones around in my bag with me I only need 3 for the 5 numbers I have. 

And dont ask why I have 5 numbers -- a few of you have 3 of my numbers --- and you all know I am a Kleptomaniac so that will suffice Evil or Very Mad .
I had a 4 older Nokia Phones which I sold for £160 and an  I phone4 I sold that for £140
and bought these two Dual Sim Android Phones with 5.5" screens -- more like mini Tablets.
So been up most nights till 2am getting the hackle of them -- and the more I use them --the 
more I am learning and enjoying about them. Lovely bits of kit. And NO I havent tried sending 
Pictures on them before some comedian asks. 

 Trouble is four hours sleep a night is taking its toll. Mind you for the next 3-4 weeks I can spend a lot more time on the Hi-Jet projects. 
Next week though I have a lovely earner on a Holiday Chalet in Sandown putting in a new Kitchen and Plaster-boarding, wiring etc. in a bedroom. 

Anyway time for an early night ( nearly midnight ) . 

Will do a bit of catching up on the Forum next week and in the meantime --- my kind regards to you all . Woody.


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