993cc over heater

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993cc over heater

Post by HighlyJetted on Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:31 pm

Had a guy from the next town drop off a 993cc van earlier this week.

Spent some time messing with it, and its got the same old faults!

The top metal coolant pipe that comes from the thermostat was rotten, so was the cap seat.

Thermostat was stuck open, but might have been stuck closed last time it over heated.

Radiator leaked half way down.

So took the top pipe off, ripped out all the ming, rodded it though with a wire brush. Cleaned the seat up with rotary wire brush and dremmel jobby. Put a new rad cap on it. -Firstline have changed their radiator cap component, and it's not as good as the old ones.

Flushed out the system alot, both ways, and from various other points to clear out the idle control valve and heater matrix, and the bleed pipes.

Cleaned up the faces on the thermostat housing, put in new thermostat and gasket.

Replaced a few pipe clips.

Pressure tested the coolant system, found a few more leaking pipe clips. Replaced those obviously.

Refilled the coolant system using the pressure fill method, using a pre mix of antifreeze, water and some K-seal. Bleeding all the air out of everywhere.

Let it run just ticking over for a good hour, to get the k-seal to solve the leaks.

Electric fan kicks in perfectly now.

Took if for a drive round the block, and it didn't purge any coolant into the header tank.

Let it cool down fully. Checked the coolant under the rad cap and it was 100% full with no air gap.

Lets see how it goes! It's a rough ass old van, not worth a new radiator or a head gasket job.
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Re: 993cc over heater

Post by PFM on Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:55 pm

Good stuff. You must be the most experienced guy in the country on Hijet heating issues (well, probably all issues) by now.

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