New owner with annoying problems.

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New owner with annoying problems.

Post by Monty on Wed Jul 28, 2010 11:30 am

Hi Guys,

I have just bought a 2001 1.3EFI Hijet van and it is great but I am having problems which are really starting to annoy me, firstly the fuel gauge doesn't work, I have got a new sender unit coming but can't see how they come out? secondly the van dies occasionally down to tick over while I am driving along, when I pull over and rev it up it is fine so you pull away and it drives perfectly? my rear wiper doesn't work but the squirter on the switch does?
the engine management light comes on and the speedo doesn't work however using your excellent manual download I have found out that these are linked and once the cable is replaced this should cure the EM light, and lastly the engine makes a dreadful noise on start up, a loud whiring noise which rises with the engine revs, the noise does die down after a while but is always apparent, I have checked the alternator, water pump and starter motor and they are all o.k so I think it may be the timing belt tensioner bearing? any thoughts Guys? the van has been run very very little in the last 2 years and has just had a new battery, do you think that the cutting out could be the fuel filter due to the van having stood so long?
Any advice would be really appreciated.



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Re: New owner with annoying problems.

Post by difflock123 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 12:47 pm

Right, here we go...

Fuel gauge, I dont know even where it is as I havent looked.
However, my fuel gauge works apart from the fact that 1/4 on the gauge is 1/2 a tank :S

Dying to tick over...
Sounds electrical or you need a new throttle cable.
If it was fuel, then the engine would most likely stall, and would stutter and cough when trying to rev...
You say the van has been stood for a while? Try fresh fuel... modern unleaded fuel doesnt last long really....
so either keep diluting the fuel with fresh or drain the tank and fill up with fresh...

Rear wiper. Mine would squirt but not wipe...
Mine was because the wiring was disconnected...
Remove the rear door panel (if you have it) and then follow the wires for the wiper...
On mine (1996 1.0 EFI) they go up the side of the window (left hand side) and then through a rubber tube, and then down to near the back of the rear lights (remove the panel at the back left side inside)...

A loud whirring noise :S
Could be a number of things...
Is the fan belt too tight?
From what you describe I wouldnt have thought it was a bearing going....
Normally if a bearing goes, you get clunks and thuds, along with grating noises (all the bearings in random things I have had fail)...

Unless the oil pump has failed?
That might make a whirring noise as no oil is being circulated...
That might cause the EM light as well....

To be honest though, if its been standing for a while it could need a good service.
Check the valve clearances
new sparkplugs
new oil and filter

and if you want to, replace the HT leads, rotor etc...

Good luck Smile


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Re: New owner with annoying problems.

Post by Tukz on Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:04 pm

Hi, the fuel sender is in the top left hand side of the tank. There are 6 screws that hold it in. Undo these and then when you pull the sender out you have to twist it to make it come out. Before you go to the trouble of changing it I would suggest pulling the wire off it and touching it to earth, if you gauge goes up to full then it's the sender, if it doesn't budge then it's a wiring fault. Hope this helps!.

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Re: New owner with annoying problems.

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