And the saga continues.!!

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And the saga continues.!!

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 01, 2014 11:18 pm

I smell a rat here. I have had two women phone me about buying my SE tonight one of whom I could hardly understand and I have had two texts asking me what the lowest price I would take for it thinking its for sale at £250 .
Someone is playing games here .....

So I said that I have had over 1600(true) hits on the ad and that ad HiJet wheels are almost impossible to find and my best offer on them was now up to £500 and that the offers on the body kit was now an unbelievable price so due to the Rarity value its worth £1750 as a complete vehicle and added that buying it for £150 was one of the best bargains I have ever had and wish I could buy another for dismantling for spares.I think that should have peed him off sufficiently. Perhaps next time he will read the adverts properly. Plonker.!!!


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