Two Holy Grails in one day !!

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Two Holy Grails in one day !!

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 03, 2014 11:53 pm

Last Friday I bought a Y reg Hi-Jet van for £250. It was advertised on Wighbay and I phoned straight away then went over cash in hand. It had two good headlights so it was worth £250 if nothing else but for the headlights. For that money it had to be a breaker with gasket problems I guessed.

It had done 78,500 miles and had a months tax still left, but no mot . I started the engine and it was really sweet. I didnt take it for a drive though. The tyres were all good and had two stonking spares. Only problem was a bash in the n/side sliding door and rear corner.
It was covered in blue and white business signs 10 in all. It had a pair of ladder bars on top too. I hummed and arred about it to make him feel uncomfortable but I as soon as I had seen the headlights I had made up my mind.

He disapeared into the garage and came out and proudly presented me with a new unfitted EBay Cargo Rack. ( that makes four I have got now ). So sold to the bald headed gentleman.!!

I arranged to pick it up the next afternoon and was already thinking what I could get for the parts. My son Stewart took me over Friday and I drove it back. Once it got up to temperature I gave it a real good thrashing and it went like a scalded cat. It is the quickest Hi-Jet I have ever driven. Going out of our village it is 6mph faster than my MPV at the brow of the hill -- 61mph as opposed to 55mph.
As soon as I got back I booked an mot for 8-30am Monday then attacked the signs with a hair drier and had them all off in just over an hour.
Then Monday took it for mot and apart from a brake-light bulb it went straight through with no advisories at all. Gobsmacked.!!

Thrashed it back and parked it up until today.
First thing I did was nick the headlights and replaced them. Then the first Holy Grail moment. I started a spring clean and took the rubber mats out of the footwell and I found a carpet that wasn't holey so it was Holy.
Its only the second undamaged carpet I have ever had. So out came the mat as did the two seats and the mats under the seats too and finally a near perfect rear floor carpet too all to be replaced with tattier items.

Then another eureka moment. I suddenly realised another Holy Grail moment. BOTH OUTER DOOR HANDLES WORK. So I --- no I didn't-- I couldn't be bothered -- however thinking about it now maybe I might just .....

Will finish tidying and robbing it tomorrow and then put it back on Wightbay for £645 and take £595 hopefully--- that and a superb list of good bits I have robbed off it too. A good bargain for my £250 I reckon. Its a hard life. Laughing  Rolling Eyes 


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Re: Two Holy Grails in one day !!

Post by Guest on Sat Apr 05, 2014 8:15 am

Finished robbing the van yesterday -- had the two perfect rear lights out of it and replaced them too. But also put a good n/s sliding door on and knocked out the dent on the back quarter panel too. So its up together now and ready to sell.

I have got a Transit Luton body being delivered on Monday to give me some more storage space . So got a few vans to shift tomorrow to make room for it to be lifted in place by a  Manitou hydraulic mobile fork lift.
Then onto the next van for sale -- the LPG one I bought for £450 about a month ago. Got to finish putting everything back on that I took off to buff all the paintwork up. Should look pretty reasonable when finished and should sell easily with the bonus of LPG.


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