Where is fuel pump relay

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Where is fuel pump relay

Post by Paul458 on Sun Sep 26, 2010 7:28 pm

1997 HiJet S85 CB42 993cc MPV

Hi all, looks like no fuel getting to engine, cannot smell it on plugs or coming out of plughole when cranking engine

Been trying to find fuel pump relay but cannot see it, so can someone tell /explain to me where it is please, and whether it has its own fuse & how to test it.

Any other ideas on why fuel might not be getting through and whether fuel pump can be tested by wiring straight off battery. Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Paul.


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Re: Where is fuel pump relay

Post by rich the mechanic on Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:38 pm

The fuses are under the dash just to the right of the heater controls stick your head in when stood out side the van and you should see the cover it's black with red text as for relays there are some behind the clocks but I think they are for the head lights and yes you should be able to wire in directly there is a two pin block connecter but it is over the tank and the only other thing I can think off is a blockage but it could be in the tank through to the injectors and thinking about it it could be the ECU not telling the injectors to erm inject.
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Re: Where is fuel pump relay

Post by Reid on Tue Jan 25, 2011 2:33 am

The air of mystery in knowing which part goes where in these hijets amazes me.
I have a badly neglected 'L' reg 993 carb pick up which I've just rebuilt the butt with wooden floor and cut rust from much of the chassis.

Now to drive it needs petrol, spark and compression.
First the coil. It's directly in the path of water from the front nearside wheel - so it gave up through severe rust. Replacement was expensive and I've rebuilt that part of the cab floor with some floor! (So now it's dry)
Then a few days ago it comes to another stop. Having no tools with me I tow the little bu**er back to test the fuel flow. After finding what appears to be the pump in the tank I test its power cable - nothing. Apply power from battery and it squirts all over.
Downloaded wiring diagram from the lovely Black Panther and although very grateful for it, was disapointed at its layout and explanation.
Well - the overall discovery is that if you want to find all sorts of fuses, electrical boxes and so on - THE COMPLETE DASH MUST BE REMOVED! (unless you are a deformed Japanese midget with light-up eyes on stalks and quadrupal jointed wrists)

Now - the petrol pump relay is behind the brake fluid reservoir - find that with the dash in place!
Tomorrow I shall test the wiring to find what wasn't conducting. Then replace the dash. And steering wheel.

- and all those little plastic hoses covering the engine, they must have a fetish for emissions.
I had to completely reweld the (rare) inlet filter housing (again behind the offside front wheel spray), there must have been half a dozen pipes coming from it and going to strange places.

There are several fuses tucked up and under the dash that you can't see - I can't work in the cab for more than 20 minutes.
Or steam starts to pour from my ears . . .


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Re: Where is fuel pump relay

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