Couple of general questions

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Couple of general questions

Post by andy pyke on Sun Nov 16, 2014 9:46 pm

Evening all,

I had my first bash at trying to fix a few things today starting with the sunroof but ran into a couple of problems. Can anyone shed any light on these for me I wonder?

1. Front sunroof: There are no screws in it fixing it to the roof! I assume all those screws go through the black plastic surround and into the metal? Where can I get them from?
2. Rear sunroof: This one has plenty of screws, none of which I can move even a millimeter. They're all rusted up. Have soaked them with WD40 but nothing shifting. Cleared out the rubber seals and sealed them in again and will have to wait and see if successful or not. Did I really need to get that black "frame" off?
3. Whilst farting around standing up in the sun-roof gap I managed to break the bracket in which the sunroof "tongue" sits. Where can I get a replacement?
4. Door handles: How do I get them off? Do they just pull off? I need to get to the latch and window mechanisms which are all messed up.

To show pictures I have to post a link so here goes:

1. Missing screws, front sunroof
2. Stuck screws in back sunroof
3. The bit where the sunroof sits that I broke (this one isn't broken)



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Re: Couple of general questions

Post by sputnik on Sun Nov 16, 2014 10:47 pm

Just recently poked about a few of these areas. Can't answer all your questions but...
As you are already aware from your stuck rear sunroof, the front should have bolts in the same place. Their absence maybe means someone has got pissed off and just siliconed everything together instead?

My front sun roof leaked last week. I took it apart just to take a look, assuming silicone would be needed (but didn't have any to hand). I cleaned the seals and rubbed in some black trim wax hoping it might plump up the seals to restore a waterproof seal. So far so good, drips on the lap have stopped ...

Door handles? I'm assuming you mean interna onesl. If you mean front doors, just a small recessed screw holding in the handle that can be slipped through the door trim card when removed.

If rear ones, they have the same f*%&ing annoying wee clips as the window winders. In theory, slide a cloth/rag in behind the handle and work it around until it pings the clip off, at which point the handle just slips off. In practice, sweat and curse for ages, employ inappropriate tools and break something!

You might try reaching in with some thin nosed pliers to pull the clip off but again, may just break something.

My top tip, assuming you get the feckers off in the first place is, when refitting, put a little zip tie loop round the clip so next time you can just grab that and pull the clip off.

Of course, I may have misunderstood your post and none of the above is relevant at all!


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