Anyone with a 547cc engine out there?

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Anyone with a 547cc engine out there?

Post by Cyndylu61 on Sat Nov 29, 2014 3:04 am

[b]Hi, I'm Cyndy and I'm new here, and new to the Daihatsu world. I purchased a little HiJet with a 547cc engine and it needs a tune up, and of course there's no manual with it. I have been all over the internet and talked to a few local HiJet owners here in the Ozarks and no one has a manual or information for me. Sad
What to do??
I've been on the site there on FB and that's where I got info on exactly what I own and the link to come here to this forum.
(I've never been on a forum before) so I hope I get it right.
I have a
  • Daihatsu HiJet Climber 4x4
    1985-1995 EB-60/547cc
    Chasis # S81p-030591
    Trim LBT1

If there is anyone out there with information for me that can help, it would be surely appreciated. Very Happy

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