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Post by Guest on Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:34 pm

I really am beginning to think I have Hoovered up all the Hi-Jets on the Isle of Wight now. I haven't picked up a Hi-Jet for breaking in nearly two months now and that was the Diesel Pickup P reg. I have also been offered a P reg Diesel van but as yet he hasn't come round to my thinking of £150. Then this week I have picked up two Grand Moves --one R reg 1500 with all the extras on it including 14" Alloys so could well have the elusive 70amp Alternator and a T reg 1600 both for £200 each. The T reg  has only done 60,000 miles and goes like a Scalded Cat. As I cant find Hi-Jets I am going to buy a good few Grand Moves off the Mainland for the engines. I don't think there is likely to be any or very little call for the spares but whatever I sell will be a bonus I guess.

Also I have bought for £250 an Electric  2008 Piaggio Porter Pick-up Rolling shell which has done 44,000 miles used as a Milk Delivery Truck with a hooped rear cover on it. The guy I bought it from has a N reg 1200 Diesel Van which he has taken the dead engine out of and put the Electric Motor and skinny little propshaft and the relevant wiring and controls in and the SIXTEEN batteries inside the loadspace. It is painted black and has a set of Wopping great alloys and ultra low profiles on it. He has made a lovely job of it.  
With the rolling shell I got the Diesel bits too :  Starter motor, another 65amp Alternator, Gearbox, Vacuum Pump and the four Battery Storage casings which bolted under the chassis -- holding the 16 Batteries, and also a load of other useful odds and ends.

So looks like my 1600 Engined Tipper Project is no longer going to be using the 2005 Pickup I had put by, but will now be a 2008 one. With four Grand Move engines, now that I am retired I can get on and play instead of worrying about earning a living to keep my head above water .  

I am running very low on " off the shelf bits " now and have started this week stripping the final five " Breakers " which I hope to have all done by the end of next week. I finished the first one this afternoon -- four to go.

I am just going to buy and sell Hi-Jets now but obviously if something "BREAKABLE" comes along at the right price I will " Have to buy it ". Cant stop the habit of a life time eh ??  Always ask me if you need something. As always I wont guarantee getting it off right away as I wont be at the garage every day--- just  as it has been when I was roofing or plumbing or fencing or carpentry or whatever I got roped into.

On a different note, I heard from Eddie Hall with the PopTop Devon Hi-Jet up in Blackpool a couple of times this week. He like me has had a rough old 2014 health wise including a Heart Attack in September.  I know he would be glad to get a PM from a few of you or his phone number is 07816 374155.


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