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Post by leopard_pagan on Sun Jan 18, 2015 10:38 am

After a pair of front tyres for 1.3 HJ standard Commercials, MOT due in march & need to replace tyres.

Woody do you have any? I would text you but i have a million & one numbers for you & never sure which one gets through.
Send me a text if you can mate?

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Re: Tyres--WOODY?

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 20, 2015 3:03 pm

Well no. 1/is always 0786 303030 9 number 2/ is 07970 391876 and if you would like the other three numbers I will email them to you.
Biggest problem or two actually is 1/ City Link 24hr are no more and 2/ Jim in the garage next to me has packed up and bought a Launderette so I have no tyre machine I can use.
I will try Interparcel and see if I can get a sensible delivery price but the alternative they offer are Herpes and My Parcel Delivery and Parcel Forced Constipation.
City Link were the Bees Knees as far as I am concerned.
Leave it with me a couple of days as despite now being retired ( or as in your case- re-tyred) I am snowed under with roofing work again for my mate who was begging me to come back to help him for a short while. I upped my day rate by 50% and he still agreed. Just had to do it!!!
I can get the tyres taken off the rims to save transport costs by a mates garage four miles away.
Give me a call this evening L.P.


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