Fitting new radiator. Blocked system ??

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Fitting new radiator. Blocked system ??

Post by rededfred on Mon Mar 09, 2015 4:03 pm

Hello fellow Hijet owners.
I have ordered a new radiator for my 1996 993 petrol Hijet and want to flush the system through before refitting.
I joined the top radiator hose to the bottom pipe and filled it up from the passenger seat filler point and started it up.
I have just fitted a brand new water pump as well and thought that the system would get hot and circulate the water round at a sort of even temperature. It does not get the hoses at the bottom hot and seems to be blocked by something. I did this with the thermostat removed.
I also took the air bleed valve off the heater matrix to see if it was blocked. It was blocked and is now clean.
Before refitting the bleed valve I tried to get water or air to come out through the heater matrix valve but nothing comes out.
Should the water flow freely round the system or am I doing something wrong ?
The engine runs lovely after starting but within 5 mins or so it starts hunting and revving up and down by itself. I took one of the little pipes of the injection manifold and it seems to calm down. It is not a fix as the pipe hisses out air that smells of petrol.
Any help for these problems would be very welcome.
Thanks in advance.

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