Overheating diagnosis

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Overheating diagnosis

Post by Scarface GTti on Wed Apr 15, 2015 10:03 am


To help diagnose my overheating issue I used an infared temperature gun. I believe vans to have better access then the pickup but the thermostat on the truck is a pig to get to. I found that the thermostat should open at 85 or 86 (can't just quite remember now) degrees C and the fan to kick in at 92 degrees. So without having to remove anything you can point the gun at the pipes or radiator to ensure that things are operating as they should. On inspection of my system the pipe was into the nineties but the other side of the thermostat was extrmemly cool and so highlighted that the thermostat wasn't working. With a new stat in the same operation could be repeated and you can watch your system operating and working through the temperature readings.

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