Rough running at startup - any thoughts?

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Rough running at startup - any thoughts?

Post by sputnik on Wed Jul 01, 2015 12:00 am

Advice welcome. My 2000 1.3mpv has recently started sounding rough when first started. No problem turning over but as soon as started it doesn't sound or feel smooth. Generally sorts itself out once a bit of throttle picks the revs up.

Once warmed up a bit it'll purr away at tickover no problem although I am starting to think the rough response is starting to be noticeable while driving but this may be paranoia.

My thoughts were maybe plugs, temp sensor, or perhaps a blocked filter(s), or maybe even injector or throttle balancing issues but would have thought these would be noticeable at all times. My wee bus tends to labour (stuttering) if running in too high a gear - I assumed this was normal but wondering if this was an early symptom of the above? Any words 'o wisdom out there as to whether any of this sounds familiar?

(Heading off on holiday tomorrow so really hoping I don't have any major issues - can cope with the mechanics, its the bollocking of the other half that scares me! Oh, and missing a ferry...


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