Hijet Seats

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Hijet Seats

Post by Welsh Poppy on Mon Sep 21, 2015 2:45 pm

Two queries:

Ref: Hijet pickup 1998 1.0 JC Leisure 'Columbus' motor caravan conversion.
The upper section of the bulkhead was removed and single stalk headrest pads were fitted coming out of the top of the front seats. As the seats look identical to the Hijet van seats except for the two prong entry headrests does anyone know if they will have the receivers inside to accept these headrests? The only opening is where the stalk exits. I'm considering having them re-upholstered and prefer the van headrests.

Ref: Fitting Smart car seats.
Seen the forum about fitting seats from a Smart car. The Hijet pickup cab has the bottom section of the bulkhead behind the seats so they can't recline or slide back. The backs tilt forward and the seat pads lift up for access. Would the Smart car seats fit [with slight modification] and if so, from which model/s Smart car? If I needed access under the Smart seats would they have to be removed?

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