Use your mobile phone when doing jobs on your Hi-Jet.

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Use your mobile phone when doing jobs on your Hi-Jet.

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:15 am

Elfin Girl posed a question in the Workshop Section on Friday 27 November. She was asking how to remove a headlight. Logi kindly posted a "how to do it" reply.

I have suggested to everyone that when you are doing ANY job that you have never done before then secondly USE YOUR MOBILE PHONE EVERY TIME TO TAKE A STEP BY STEP RECORD OF DISMANTLING IT.
First step is as Elfin Girl has done is if you are not sure - - then ask particularly if you don't have access to a workshop manual. Even with a workshop manual, it is not always clear, so don't be afraid to ask on here. You may get a bit of leg pulling but we're all big enough to take ( and give) a bit of micky taking. That's what brings this Forum to life over and above ANY OTHER FORUM ON HI-JETS. Some of the other sites I have visited, are in my opinion a bunch of Anorak clad Nerdy, sad Muppets.


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