Cooling help wanted

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Cooling help wanted

Post by jeremiah1992 on Sun Jan 17, 2016 8:57 pm

Just ready with fitting an complete 993 engine into my van,

fulling up the coolantsystem with water and soda to clean the system.

Got some problems,

i see different stories about bleeding the system, which one is the right one.
Is there any info or howto, to place a shifter to turn on the radiator fan
When temperature is rising, fan should turn on automaticly, it turned on once, cooled the engine and tried it again, fan failed, The Horror!

Can someone help me with these questions?



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Re: Cooling help wanted

Post by Raggy on Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:15 am

You need to check you don't have an air lock, run van up to temp and check bottom hose to rad is geting hot. Not hot then air lock.
There is some good info on here but remember its for a 1.3 a lot of the info but most of it is relevant. Basically its getting the filling level of fluid higher than the heater matrix so its a positive displacement (think that how its termed), basically force feeding the fluid in by gravity. I did the following for my 993 (there is a better description on here but cant find it at moment):

Fill watering can with coolant and have hose from end into top of radiator (must be a snug fit, use tape around hose)
Make sure coolant is flowing nice and steady and slow (too fast as I found out does not help at all!)
Remove cap under passenger seat until fluid flows then pop cap back on
Remove cap from heater bleed pipe (next to front rad cap) and leave until fluid streams steady
Put bleed cap back on
Squeeze all hoses, move heater control from hot to cold and back again, squeezing any hose you can find to try and get any air out!
Have front rad cap ready to put back on and slowly remove hose but still keep fluid flowing so you are filling the header of the rad, quickly move hose and pop rad cap back on.
Run engine up to temp until you had fan come on twice
Let cool down and top up front rad with watering can and hose
Take it out for a drive and get it hot, then monitor the levels as just letting it run up to temp whilst stood still does not always prove anything, it seems to need to be put under load to show any problems as I found out.

Mine behaved perfectly on drive but got air in when I went on motorway test drive.
I am not an expert and if anyone has any hints tips or edits to the above please feel free to add to it. Doing it from memory so may have left something out or something else.
I know bleeding the LPG version is different and the 1.3 is slightly different as well. We could do with this method putting up as a sticky on the front of this section so its easier to find.
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