Electrical problem hi-jet 1.3 1999.

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Electrical problem hi-jet 1.3 1999.

Post by NoddyVanMan on Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:30 pm

Hi one and all, I have browsed your many discussions in the past, and have found answers to most of my problems. However this one has got me stumped, so I have joined the fun in the hope someone can point me in the right direction.
I have a 1999 Hijet 1.3efi. The other day it started to misfire,fart and cut out. I found the "how to use diagnostic plug" on here, and after much contortionism,and swearing I found the silly plug, and done the wire bridge. This didn't show any faults, as I had continuous flashing on EM light.
However after doing this, I now have no power to Lights,indicators,wipers,& horn. I have checked all fuses that I can find, and generally unplugged and replugged connectors and relays to no avail. If I press horn button or turn headlights on the ignition lights come on. (a short?)
The engine still starts, and runs. I had to undo the fuse box from it's mount to get at the diagnostic connector, and wondering if I have dislodged something. There are 3 block connectors that don't seem to go anywhere, one of which comes out of the loom from column switch cluster. Wires etc. I assumed that this has come out when I was locating diagnostic connector, but cannot for the life of me see where it would go.  I also unplugged ecu wires, and reconnected them, and have disconnected the battery earth for ten mins to see if it would reset. NA!!
A gallon of petrol and a match is starting to look like the answer.

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