Fuel Pump Fuse

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Fuel Pump Fuse

Post by wrightgeordie on Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:53 pm

I inadvertently blew the fuse for the fuel pump on my van the other day whilst refitting the petrol tank.  What I thought would be an easy fix via the fuses in the main fuse block turned out to be a bit more complex than I first thought.  The main fuses were all OK so I turned to the fuel pump relay looking for a solution, the relay block is behind the instrument binnacle and is easily accessed.  I had to check all four relays as I couldn't identify what the function of each was, fortunately they were also all in working order.  This prompted an extended search for an inline fuse and after a bit of a root about I found a twin 15 amp fuse block wrapped up in the wiring loom on the passenger side adjacent to the ECU.  Hey presto a blown fuse and after replacing it a working fuel pump.  I don't know what the other fuse in the pair is protecting but I think it's well worth knowing it's there if your having electrical problems.

I've just found out how to post pics - here it is

You can see the fuses the ECU and the space for the glove box

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