Compatible engines 1.3 - Charade, Terios, Sportrack??

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Compatible engines 1.3 - Charade, Terios, Sportrack??

Post by maralions on Sun Mar 06, 2016 6:03 pm

OK so this follows on from my other thread about fixing Fran but thought I'd start a new topic out of interest.

For a 1.3, could you get another 1.3 Charade (or another model if someone knows), take the bits off a 1.3 and swap the engine out? Just looking for options to fix the van, and it looks like you can get these little cars with low mileage for peanuts (i.e cheaper than a reliable hijet with equal mileage).

Possible and potentially simple with no extra body work? Will it work with angles etc? I have searched around but can't find much consistent info (I know Matt has written something on a Terios but can't access that).

Thanks in advance and apologies if this is a stupid question.


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