Fuel Pump Relay

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Fuel Pump Relay

Post by Reid on Wed Jan 26, 2011 2:09 pm

Mine is just a 1994 carburettor pickup, and I know you all have at got ecu's -however-
I am just expressing my frustration at another aspect in a potential uniquely gifted vehicle which, well maybe could work flawlessly with expert guidance.
The main bone of contention appears to be hijet cooling design. Well I don't know if I've quite overcome that, however I don't think I'm alone with petrol pumping problems!!

- no power to pump, so remove pump relay after continuity check back along the blue harness cable. (this did involve removing the dashboard to find the relay, behind the brake reservoir)
There are five connection wires at the relay. Not two as portrayed on the wiring diagram very kindly supplied by Leopard. (Is this from a Haynes manual, restricted from full coverage by Daihatsu copyright?)
As yet I havn't purchased sufficient brandy to anaesthetize the phone enquiry about the cost of a new Relay - a new ignition coil recently put the vehicle into negative equity.
However, should there be some way of recognising the wiring in and out of the relay it might be possible to find what the fault is in the relay, if there is a fault in the relay at all. I dare'nt bypass it straight to the pump because of - well I don't know what?!!

The relay plug has a Black with red ingoing feed, a Blue pump feed, large Black with yellow negative, small White with black negative and a White with yellow doing I don't know what -
- could it be to an electric float level switch cutout? Stupid, unnccessary.
If it's solenoid coil operates at a voltage reduced by resistors to much lower than 12V then I could melt it while testing . . .

What does it take to snare an experienced Daihatsu mech who prefers chat rooms to TV?


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