1.3 EFI For Sale: Spares or Repair : Now Sold

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1.3 EFI For Sale: Spares or Repair : Now Sold

Post by Roger D on Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:02 pm

Just updating to say the Hijet below is now sold. Hope it sees a few more years life.

Thanks again to all those who have shared their expertise - it's helped keep me on the road. Will miss driving them.


Daihatsu Hijet, 1.3, 51 plate, ex disabled conversion, about 82k miles, spares or repair: £200

I’ve lurked on this forum for a few years and benefitted from lots of advice, so hope someone here might find this a good deal.

Up to six weeks ago, it was used daily, virtually trouble free for many years. Unfortunately a fuse failed to blow when a short developed and the wiring from the light stalk to fuse box overheated, melting the insulation. As a result the lights don’t work and new fuses blow. If someone rewired that and located the short that caused it, I think it could easily be back on the road. Still has MOT (till Dec) but now SORNed.

Starts no problem – never overheated. Has been a very good runner - serviced yearly – I bought it with 9k on clock in 2008. New timing belt 2 years ago. Engine runs well, lights obviously don’t function, body is tatty with rust on one sliding door and rotting wheel arches… but before you stop reading consider these good points:

Stainless steel exhaust - rear section.
4 virtually brand new tyres on 12" alloy  wheels (admittedly badly painted).
Good headlights, rear lights, wing mirrors and other standard stuff you’d expect on a running vehicle.
2 quick release seats on Unwin clamps (with seat belts) in the back (one in matching upholstery).
Radio, towbar and a set of roof bars.
A fitted wheelchair winch (no ramp).
6 standard steel wheels (2 half decent tyres) and any other Daihastu bits I find kicking about.
Has a little cupboard containing some curtains – good base on which to build a bed if that is your thing.

Sadly my Hijet days are over – over 15 years daily use from this and a previous van. Love them, but needed reliable, replacement transport quick when the wiring went and there wasn’t anything good available at the time. Hope another enthusiast might give it a new lease of life, or someone with the space to break it properly might help keep you guys on the road.

Would need a trailer / truck to take away. Based in North West near Lancaster. It’s shown on my picture – now with alloys but no roof box. PM me if interested. I don’t visit the forum often, but will check daily for the next couple of weeks – after which I’ll assume no-one is interested. I do hope someone could make good use of it.  

I might not post much on here, but I have really benefited from the advice of those that do. Thanks. Roger

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