Facelift for Skylark

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Facelift for Skylark

Post by Raggy on Sat May 20, 2017 10:10 pm

Been considering and playing with this for a while. After looking at the cooling issues I couldn't understand why which a small radiator (993cc) the bumper design in front of it covered a lot of it up, and the grill was a a solid piece. Not helpful to cooling at all. So, as seen in my Restoration of Skylark thread I converted the mesh 1.3 type grill to fit my 993. So far so good but still left the main bumper. The 1.3 is a much better design (cooling wise) so that was next on the list. I know some people want to make theirs like a 993 but I like swimming against the tide and use the 1.3 bumper on the 993 Very Happy
Going 993 to 1.3 bumper conversion will fit but not the other way without some ahem...modification. I also wanted to keep the indicators in the bumper as a nod to the original and add fog/day running halo lights in the 1.3 bumper holes. I also didn't want to spend much! (Just in case it all went belly up!).
Managed to find a spare 993 bumper and two smashed 1.3 bumpers to use as donors for parts.

First step was to make a complete 1.3 out of the two broken ones, then create the pods for the indicators as the 1.3 bumper curves more than the 993.

Once this had been done a trial fit was required to see where the issues over fit would be. Turned out main points were the ends of the bumper bar and the fact that the 993 is more of a flatter profile and the 1.3 is curved under the front and at the sides. So to get it to fit anywhere near the original bolt locations the front of the 1.3 had to be flattened by about 40mm by moving the bottom grill bar forward that amount then building a supporting structure for it by using offcuts and sections from the bits of bumpers I had left over.
All sections were plastic welded together by use of a small butane torch and a soldering iron.

Now the front had been modified another trial fit was required to heck fit. Turned out I needed some trimming from the sides and top edge to get it to fit snugly.

OK, good so far, so now the fog/daytime lights. The final fog light holes old have been used but didn't give the fit I wanted (picky ain't I) so trimmed them down a touch, made them more circular as they seemed to be more oval. Need to attach some mounting posts where I want them and make some brackets yet though.

I will update this as I go along, been doing it on and off for a couple of months now, an hour here and there. Wasn't allowed to immerse myself in it till we had finished the new kitchen!
Now some may ask why spend all this time doing it?....simple answer is....just because I can and I enjoy doing it  Very Happy

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