Electrical help and suggestions required

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Electrical help and suggestions required

Post by Raggy on Sun Sep 03, 2017 7:28 pm

Have now given Skylark a facelift (see Renovation of Skylark if you haven't been keeping up with the saga) I need to finish it off but completing the last bit....wiring the lights in! With normal cars I could do it but just can't get my head around the Diahatsu negative switching way of doing things. I have three scenarios I need help with to sort out how to wire relays in so they work how I want them to.

1) Front Fog Lights
I need these to come on with the fog light switch as well as the normal rear fog light.

2) Daytime running lights
Need these to be on in the daylight but go off with ignition or when the side lights are turned on.

3) Driving Lights
Need these to be wired to a switch so that they come on if I put on the main beam but also if I flick a manual switch in the cab but should only have power for manual switch if main lights are on, so can't be lit on their own.

Over to you.... Wink
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