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Spares Delight

Post by Raggy on Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:55 pm

Well just spent this morning and afternoon starting to strip a 993 of parts for a spares stock. The van is my friends 993 MPV which now has an engine which has gone caput or rather it tried to run on water instead of unleaded and failed! Decided to keep the cylinder head though but I never realised hiw many pipes, bolts, brackets etc were required to remove it. I had only done jobs like this before on a mini and that was childs play, this was rocket science in comparison. I did cheat though and the pliers and stanley knife were put to some good use. Not finished stripping it of spares yet, that will have to wait for another weekend. Was good to get down and dirty with a hijet, only really done the cosmetics so far. Enjoyed myself and glad my friend helped as its quite time consuming. Now if I had to put it all back together....god knows where all the pipes would go!
The engine was a lesson in use antifreeze, regularly change the rad caps, flush the system every so often as the water ways were all getting gummed up and it had got to the stage of using more water than fuel! In fact I'm very surprised how it lasted so long. Rad cap in engine bay was solid shut and thermostat didnt look healthy at all.
Best thing was though was that he wanted any spares to be used to help keep another on the road for a bit longer rather than just scrap it...thanks Paul, youre a star!
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