3rd time lucky (I hope)

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3rd time lucky (I hope)

Post by SamT. on Wed Jul 04, 2018 4:48 pm

I have finally succeeded in fixing my overheating problems cheers
Realised I'd made a dumb mistake while getting the air out of the system, did it again (properly this time) and it's fixed Very Happy
I actually tried to make it get hot to see if the fan would kick in and it wouldn't go beyond half way up the gauge. (99% sure the gauge works).
It's running cooler than it ever has done before so I'm over the moon.

As such, it's time for M.O.T. attempt number 3, and to start prying to the Hijet gods.
I'm hoping it should be ok though.

First attempt, it failed on headlight wiring and a rotten exhaust. Fixed that.
Second attempt, it overheated while they were trying to do the emissions check so they aborted the test.
And so began that saga.
But all in, it's done less than a mile since the first failure, so unless anything has deteriorated from it sitting for a few months, it should be ok.

Really excited at the prospect of getting it back on the road Very Happy
No way in hell I could have got this far without you helpful lot and your wealth of experience. I am eternally grateful.

It's in for next wednesday so wish me luck.
If it passes, I've got a million and one other questions up my sleeve to bug you all with Twisted Evil

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Re: 3rd time lucky (I hope)

Post by PFM on Thu Jul 05, 2018 8:53 am

Good luck and fingers X!

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