4 x 14" Steels From Saxo (108pcd) + tyres - Norwich

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4 x 14" Steels From Saxo (108pcd) + tyres - Norwich

Post by 8bit-ash on Sat Aug 20, 2011 5:16 pm

4 x 14" steels with 165/65/14 tyres fitted. One almost new budget, one has a good amount of life left and the other two are legal but don't have a whole lot of life left. The three worse tyres have some cracking on the sides. I've bored two of the centres out to fit the fronts of a hijet.
These stick out a little from the arches but not but too much, They make the hijet feel a lot more stable on the road. I had these on my van for a couple of weeks or so with standard bolts. I've heard bad stories about doing this but they seemed fine although you could see the bend in the studs. Some old timers have run slightly different offsets with standard bolts for years without problems, others have had wheels fall off in a few hundred miles. I'd personally run them with wobblys, which I haven't tested but should be fine. I took them off to get some wobbly nuts but a different set of wheels have cropped up now so I don't need them.

After £30 the 4.

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