Pressure in fuel tank

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Pressure in fuel tank

Post by kavekom on Thu Jan 19, 2012 7:25 am

I have previously mentioned about what pressure the petrol pump should be because I seem to have preessure building in the petrol tank. I have now replaced the pump with one rated at 2-4lb, the old girl seems to go better with less hesitation. Only thing is I am left with petrol coming from the filler cap, this also spreads fumes through the cabin. On inspection of the petrol tank, I can only see the outlet hose,the return line and the overflow hose that runs to the filler neck. At the back of the tank there is a cluster of hoses which seem to run toward the brake lines although there is a hose that has been stopped off. Mind you there is no charcoal canister either, this was removed prior to my purchase. Now my assumption now is that the stopped up hose should run into the cannister with another hose running from that to...........? Does anyone have an idea or even a diagram of how the cannister is connected and where. I am hoping that this is a vent hose. We're talking about a 1989 Hijet van 993. Any help most appreciated.
Regards Peter.


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Re: Pressure in fuel tank

Post by rich the mechanic on Thu Jan 19, 2012 8:55 pm

Hi If you PM your email address that can handle the biggest amount of stuff I'll email you the whole section of the manuel it is 31.5 mb but you could try a tempory/emergency fuel cap our petrol stations sell them for an extortionate amount but they don't seal, so the tank can vent naturally and that should show if you have a pressurisation problem.
rich the mechanic
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