Brake callipers and more for sale

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Brake callipers and more for sale

Post by Brainsparks30 on Thu Mar 01, 2012 10:12 pm

I no longer need this stuff:

Complete callipers with carriers.

One of each: Off side front/(Front right hand), and near side front/(front left hand)

All new bolts/seals/bleed nipples as they has been reconditoned by BigRed, zinc coated finish and never used. Very light surface rust in places from moisture during indoors storage in bag.

Includes both old (salvaged) retaining springs, two new (bought form dealer) guide pins, one old (salvaged) banjo bolt and one old (salvaged) pad shim. These are really more of a gift to accompany the caliper, just to help you out.

Specifically intended for a 1997 993cc EFI but suitable for most. Looking for £85 each plus post.

New boxed QH timing kit with tensioner ref no. QBK434 £50.00 + post

New boxed front brake pad set: EBC ref no. DP685 £25 + post

New boxed oil seals made by Elring, one for drive shaft measures 58x74x10 part no: 022.170 and another (Front crank) measures 32x48x7 part no: 092.170. £10 for both plus post.

Offers duly considered
Send pm if interested

Ebay dont seem to know that there is such a car as a Daihatsu Hi-jet, or a Piaggio Porter. Cant get my lists to work in turbo lister. Spent an hour in webchat repeating myself to customer services, so this lot is currently only on here.
(EDIT) Ebay have told me to list things in the closest approximation category. Annoying, but anyway now listing.


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