No spark. Nothin. Hijet 660 gas

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No spark. Nothin. Hijet 660 gas

Post by cranky_tard on Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:32 pm

Tried new ditributer. Got no ground. Does'nt work with ignitor. There is electric to the coil but nothing to regulate timing. ohm meter says in line diod on return is fried. No power from coil. Coil tested bad. I need to know how the ignition in my 93 hijet works. tore open the harness, i still don't get it. I need a hint how the signal is regulated.

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Re: No spark. Nothin. Hijet 660 gas

Post by HighlyJetted on Fri Sep 07, 2012 5:03 pm

Not really sure as I have never worked on one of that era, but to give you an educated guess:-

Ignition switch powers the coil, the coil feeds the distributors centre feed which get distributed to the plugs.

The ignitor unit is triggered by the ecu to spark at the right time, the ignitor caused the coil to spark.

The ignitor normally has a live feed from the ignition switch, a perment ground, a couple of wires to the ECU and one that goes to the coil.

If you not getting a spark signal to the ignitor from the ECU I would suggest you have a failed CYL or CPS sensor, or something else.

Does the engine warning light come on when you turn the key as normal, if it does not you may have a snapped power lead on the battery connector, it is a very common fault.

Also you should get the ECU to tell you if it has any error codes stored as it may just lead you straight to the cause. Read this for more information on diagnostic mode:-

Further information:-

On this page:-

There is a download called:- "Workshop Manual – Daihatsu 3 cyl 993cc efi electronics system pdf.7z"

You will need to unzip it with a program which can be found at

It should help you understand the system, but please check it applies to your model as I know very little about older ones especially 660cc versions.
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