WANT a body kit

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WANT a body kit

Post by my3496 on Mon Oct 08, 2012 12:43 am

Hello , Any one got a body kit for a hijet pick up????


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Re: WANT a body kit

Post by HighlyJetted on Mon Oct 08, 2012 10:12 am

Depends how serious you are, if you REALLY want a body kit for a hijet, the only place I think you will get one so far is:-


Front Bumper Y47,250 = £380
Side Panel Y50,400
Rear Bumper Y45,150
F,S,R SET Y136,500
Eye Line Y10,290
Wiper Guard Y31,500
Rear Wing Y34,650 = £280

Or here:-


In Yen
・Front Bumper Spoiler ※1 \43,000(税込\45,150) £360
・Side Step ※2 \32,000(税込\33,600)
・Rear Half Spoiler \28,000(税込\29,400)
・3P-Set(Front・Side・Rear) \89,000(税込\93,450)
・Eye Line \12,000(税込\12,600) £101
・Wiper Guard \28,000(税込\29,400)
・Rear Wing ※3 \36,000(税込\37,800) £289
・Tail Lanp Cover \12,000(税込\12,600)
・7P-Special Full Set \159,000(税込\166,950) £1254

Some pictures here:- http://hijet.findtalk.biz/t807-bro-star-hijet-bodykit-spoiler-and-general-sexyness
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